Headhugger Classic


Oversize neckroll snood made from “field hamster fur” or “recycled mink”.
Lined with our signature satin silk (platinum blue, oyster grey, mimosa nude) or classic grey cotton jersey.

  • One Size.
  • Each headhugger is unique and handcrafted in Vienna
  • Color & Material.
  • 100% Field Hamster (sourced from Hungary)
  • Lining: 100% Satin Silk // 100% Cotton Jersey
Designer’s Note.

This enVie Green Fur Couture headhugger a.k.a. oversize turtleneck piece will enhance any cardigan, coat or jacket and will provide warmth on cold days – as well a cozy style boost on not so cold nights or during a long-distance flight.

Create a Headhugger Classic with your own fur. Request for more information below.

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