create & upcycle your own fur & leather piece

imagination. innovation. upcycling. luxury. craftsmanship.
These are the basics of each enVie Green Fur Couture item.

Founded on the principles that good things last and accordingly upcycling is the process of creating something better from vintage items: We are specialized in modernising and revising pre-existing fabric & fur clothing. Fur is natural, recyclable and is one of the few clothing materials that can be re-styled several times.

The team behind enVie is recognized for its quality custom work.

Defining “one of a kind”, we collaborate with the client to create a masterpiece, home accessory or concept that is individually designed and unique. Any fur in good condition can be recycled into a customized piece. If you have an old fur you got from your beloved mum, aunty (or ex-husband) and can’t bear to throw away, but haven’t used in years, let’s talk:

Please contact us to explore the possibilities.


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