(FUR) UPCYCLING is the new keyword for “HAUTE COATURE”

Many vintage a.k.a. outmoded fur coats or old-fashioned jackets are tossed in a pile at the back of the closet never to be seen again. Many jackets are still in really great condition, the only real problem is now they are outdated or boring.
Redesigning & Upcylcing are the keywords for such fashion emergencies:
Crew enVie is specialized in fur recycling and to “transFURm” one of your aged pieces back in style.

Recycling fur is great for the environmentally conscious consumer and it is the perfect way to hold onto a sentimental heirloom.
Any fur in good condition can be recycled into something one-of-a-kind and unique.
If every fashion enViectim recycles one nonuse furry piece a year, we would recover gallons of water alone (not wearing polyester jackets in the cold season).
And – hand on heart – we all have at least one coat in our family fundus, that we could transFurm into a new winter diva……

Depending on the color of the jacket, the item can be updated with the following types of fur: mink, broadtail, beaver, coyote, fox, raccoon, or mouton sheepskin.
Any of these furs can add some character to a tired piece.
Winter clothing items such as vintage and wool jackets can be updated with a stunning fur trim. The fur trim can be secured to the collar of a jacket or coat for a rejuvenated look.

Fur collars can be easily positioned over most winter garments including leather coats, wool jackets, jean jackets, and vintage jackets. You would be surprised just how much difference a fur lining, collar or a bit of trim can make for a trite piece of clothing, or outdoor wear.  Fur collars and trim can also add to a coat’s appeal by providing attractive texture and color.

Bring one of your aged pieces back in style.  Save some money and an item that you used to love.  With these new easy enhancements, men and women will have a fashionable piece that they will never want to remove.