Vicuña Scarf


The enVie Vicuña scarf is not only a versatile accessory, it’s a piece of art, that was created as an homage to Vicuñas – the national animal of Peru that lives in the high mountains of the Andes.  Vicuñas roam the mountains and can only be shorn every few years, so the harvesting of their wool is highly sustainable. Shy and graceful, with long necks and doe-like eyes, vicuña are the supermodels of the camelid family, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that the fashion industry has honoured them so expensively. In the past it was prohibited by Incan law for anyone except royals to wear vicuña, but now it is available for anyone with lots and lots of money. We wanted to create an “affordable version” of our favorite caramel animal for our enVie community.

Certainly the Vicuña Scarf meets all demands like you may know from other enVie “soft jewels”: It has an oversize measurement for a cozy layering style, made from softest silk and modal fabric and finished with soft frayed edges. The heartwork masterpiece is a color potpourri of sandy caramel, taupe and blue hues, what makes it easy wrapping to combine with nearly every outfit.

Designers’ Note.


The vicuña is a small endangered camelid that lives in the Peruvian Andes and produces some of the most expensive wool in the world.

Related to the illama and the alpaca, the fineness of vicuña makes it stand out from that of its less expensive cousins. Additional value is created by its rarity – and its mountainous habitat. Just to make getting your hands on vicuña wool even more difficult, each animal can be shorn just once every two years under Peruvian law. The enVie Vicuña Scarf is certainly not made from original Vicuña Wool… but the enVie heartwork scarf edition is strictly limited to 50 pieces only.

In this Spirit, „Vicuña Matata“


Length 270 x Width 135 cm Portrait Format


80% modal 20% silk

Dry clean Only.